Supporting Better
Patient Outcomes

From protocol development through to regulatory submission, we work closely with our clients to deliver the results they need, when they need them.

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Research & Innovation

We are Valiance Clinical Research, an interdisciplinary research center in Los Angeles, California. Valiance Clinical Research is a multi-specialty clinical trial site equipped to perform clinical trials from Phase 1 studies to Phase 4. 

We add value across the full spectrum of clinical trials– from fast and easy startups, dedicated recruitment staff for quick enrollment and retention, to capturing, reporting, and entering valuable data across applicable data capture systems.

Therapeutic Expertise

We have experience in most therapeutic areas and across a variety of device, medicine and diagnostic investigational products; as such,  we can help seamlessly transition your program through the phases of development in any of these specialties.

From Research To Commercialization

Through our full-service offerings, clinical trial sponsors can delegate most of the clinical trial management tasks to us, so that we manage the entire clinical study on their behalf, from beginning to end.  Our expert teams work closely with sponsors to tailor the best solution for each project and to deliver clinical trials to the highest quality.

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Personalized Clinical Research Solutions

Collaboratively, we can help you design, manage, and execute your clinical trial to the highest level of regulatory and scientific efficacy, including but not limited to the following:

  • Develop a Strategy             

  • Conduct Study

  • Establish Budget and Timelines

  • Design Protocol

  • Recruit Subjects

  • Analyze Results

  • Produce Reports

  • Substantiate Claims


In addition to that, our therapeutically-specialized physicians are deeply involved in your trials. They are fully integrated with operations and are an active part of the project leadership team, providing invaluable direction and insights throughout the trial process.​  To learn more about, or collaborate in one or more of our clinical studies, please contact us for details.

Substantial Clinical & Scientific Assets

Valiance Clinical offers an experienced team focused on developing strong site relationships while ensuring adherence to data quality, subject safety.  In addition, our sites are fully equipped with:

  • Secured -70°c Freezers

  • Secured -25°c Freezer

  • Secured 2-8°c Refrigerator

  • Secured Ambient storage

  • Ambient and refrigerated centrifuge​

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring​

  • Waiting Area​

  • Wifi, Fax, Copy, Printer, and Scanners for CRA use

  • 24/7 Current/Min/Max Investigational Product  and sample temperature monitoring

  • Electrocardiogram​

  • Echocardiogram​

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring​

  • Multiple Patient Rooms​

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Our Current Clinical Trials

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(High Blood Pressure)

Focal Segmental Glomerular
Sclerosis (FSGS)

Lupus Nephritis

Kidney Disease
(Chronic and Acute)

Treatment Resistant Minimal
Change Disease (TR-MCD)

IGA Nephropathy

(High Potassium)

Diabetic Nephropathy


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Highly Experienced, Locally-Based Team

Led by board certified Principal Investigator Dr. Malvin Yan (Internal Medicine and Nephrology) and Sub-Investigator Dr. Eleanor Azurin (Family Medicine). All staff are GCP and IATA certified with several years of clinical research experience. Dr. Yan and Dr. Azurin treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. With their large and extensive database, VCR - South Gate has met every recruitment goal while providing our subjects with optimal patient care.

Our Investigators are all board certified physicians across multiple therapeutic areas ranging from Family Medicine to Internal Medicine with sub-specialties in Nephrology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, and Dermatology. Our dedicated research team of GCP and IATA certified Research Nurses and Research Coordinators assist our Investigators in conducting all aspects of our clinical trials.

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Innovating to Improve

Health Outcomes

Our goal is to help you get your therapies to the patients who need them while achieving your milestones. With Valiance, you get a dedicated and transparent team to coordinate all aspects of your program from end to end, through consultation, project design, monitoring, and reporting to keep your studies moving smoothly throughout the entire study life-cycle.